Classes will be conducted in Afrikaans or English, depending on the majority language of the students in the class.  

1. A  yearly non-refundable enrolment fee of R350.00 is payable for each dancer/student enrolled. Enrolment fees are payable on the day of enrolment and strictly prior to a student’s first class. 

2. After corresponding with us via email and registering, parents are responsible for all payments of the student’s account and must acquaint him/herself with the Terms and Conditions and General Rules prior to sending the student for his/her first class. 

3. Classes will be 30 minutes in length or some acrobatic classes are 45minutes and will be held once per week per style. If the student takes up more than one dance style, 30 minutes will be added to the weekly exercise program. No classes will be scheduled on public holidays, during school holidays, during the Stage Quest Festival, or during IDF dance exams.  

Pre School classes are 30 minutes. (Style: Modern Jazz ONLY!)

4. Dance fees are calculated on a term-basis or monthly and are payable in advance on or before the 5th of the first month of the term / month. “Term” refers to the government school terms as determined by the Department of Education. Under no circumstances will any fees be refundable and no credit will be given to students who are absent from class. 

In the event where the class fees are not paid before or on the 5th of the first month of the term or monthly, an e-mail will be sent as a reminder to pay the invoiced bill on a postponed date. When the person responsible for paying the bill, haven’t settled the account on the given date a 5% interest will be added to account and the student will no longer be allowed to attend class. The account holder will be held responsible for the outstanding fees

A Monthly fee can be paid over an 11 months period, note that it will be slightly more expensive due to additional admin involved. If you add the total amount for monthly payments for the entire year, and the total fee for Quarterly payments, monthly fees will be more expensive in the end.    

Prices are subject to change as per the industry standard adjustments. 

5. Class fees 2021

4 Term payments payable before the 5th of the first month of the new term:
(First term payment due on 5 January)
R 1 100.00 per term 1 styles
R1  400.00 per term 2 styles
R1  600.00 per term 3 styles
R1  800.00 per term 4 styles
R 2 000.00 per term 5 styles
R 2 200.00 per term 6 styles
11 Monthly payments payable before the 5th of each month (January fee payable on or before 5 January): (Payments Jan – Nov).  This option is slightly more expensive.
R420 x 11 per month 1 style
R530 x 11 per month 2 styles
R610 x 11 per month 3 styles
R690 x 11 per month 4 styles
R770 x 11 per month 5 styles
R850 x 11 per month 6 styles
1 Yearly payment: (Registration fee of (R350) discount if you pay before end January):
R4 400.00 per year 1 style
R5 600.00 per year 2 styles
R6 400.00 per year 3 styles
R7 200.00 per year 4 styles
R8 000.00 per year 5 styles
R8 800.00 per year 6 styles
Private lessons
Lesson fee booked through the office:
R350.00 (Per Solo) 
R150.00 (Per student – duet)
R150.00 (Per student – trio/quartet)
Studio time: R150.00 per hour (GDS Student rates)
Studio time: NON GDS students - R250.00 per hour
6. All payments regarding class fees have to be done by means of direct deposit (EFT) to the following Bank Account: 

Standard Bank
BRANCH CODE : 012645
CHEQUE ACC : 410 285 218
REF : ACCOUNT NUMBER (169.....) This is the number that you have received after registering your child.  

One months NOTICE has to be given IN ORDER TO CANCEL CLASSES! 
Unfortunately, notice for last term should already be given end of SEPTEMBER to cancel classes FOR THE FOLLOWING YEAR.

7. Class fees do not include exam and competition registration-and-entry fees or Choreography of any solo/duet/trio, dance routines. GDS class fees are strictly payable in advance. Meaning you need to pay before a class is conducted. If you do not obey by this, classes will be cancelled and you will still be liable for outstanding class fees. 

8. Gauteng Dance Studios do not accept responsibility, direct or indirect, and will not be held liable for any accident or death, injuries, illness, damage and/or losses suffered by you and/or the student during dance lessons, rehearsals, performances, functions, outings and tours. You hereby agree to indemnify and not hold Gauteng Dance Studios and its employees responsible, in the event of any such occurrences. 

9. Gauteng Dance Studios will not be responsible for students outside of class times. 

10. All students, teachers and parents will adhere to the studio “General Rules” for their own safety and out of respect for others and the premises used. 

11. Any contact with Gauteng Dance Studios principal (Isabel Stapelberg) should only be done between 9am and 11am, Monday's to Thursday's. (083 291 1212)

12. The office at Gauteng Dance Studios may be contacted in regards with accounts or general acquirements. Office hours are Monday - Thursday, between 8:00 and 12:00. 

13. All Costumes rented from Gauteng Dance Studios must be returned in good condition after each performance. 

14. Gauteng Dance Studios takes photos or videos during - production, class and rehearsals, which we can use for publicity and advertising.

15. GDS class times change each year after the 2nd Term.  We make changes to our schedule in order to make it possible for each child to dance in a group performance in the Novice or Amateur section at the Stage Quest Festival.

General Rules:
  1. Gauteng Dance Studios will hold within its sole discretion the final say as to the suitability of a student to be entered for examinations, competitions and/or shows/concerts.
We may, at its sole and exclusive discretion, withdraw or hold back from any such specified events, any student that in the opinion of Gauteng Dance Studios, appears to be inadequately prepared due to poor attendance and/or performance. 

2. Dancing is a disciplined art form and requires a serious approach. Being punctual is deemed being part of this discipline. Therefore, should a student arrive more than 10 minutes late for any scheduled class, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the class for the remaining duration thereof.   

3. All school bags/ tog bags/ shoes/ clothes are to be left outside the studios. 

4. No eating or drinking during class times, please ensure that your child has water or fruit juice available after classes. 

5. No interruptions during any class. All administration matters can be discussed by sending an email to office@dancestudio.co.za

6. All cell phones to be switched OFF during class! 

7. Choreography of solo/duet/trio routines:  See Fees above

Under no circumstances, may the choreography of the routine be changed by either the dancer, parent or guardian. If this matter occurs, the student will no longer be allowed to enter under the studios name. 

Any dance choreographed by a Gauteng Dance Studio teacher is property of GDS. None of these dances is allowed to be performed unless the choreography piece is entered under Gauteng Dance Studios' name.  Under no circumstances can a dancer perform a GDS choreography at any event if the student is no longer part of GDS.
Only with special request will a dancer be allowed to use the choreography for example at a school cultural festival. 
Any music edited by a teacher of Gauteng dance studio teacher, has ownership of the edited music and choreography used.

8. In the case where an outside choreographer is used, the parent of the student is responsible for the account of the outside choreographer. 

Please note that GDS will make use of outside Choreographers at times for certain classes, who will ask an additional fee which is payable by the relevant account holder. 

9. In the case where the student has been absent from class 4 times or more per term, the trainer/coach/teacher will have the final say whether the student be part of an exam, competition, festival or the annual show.

Students must please vacate the studio as soon as classes end, to accommodate the next class. 

No student may remain on the premises for longer than 15 minutes after a class has ended. Parents must please arrange with the relevant preschool, after-care or lift clubs to collect them. 

10.  In the case where there is only (1) one student in a class, the class will be cancelled.  No Private Lessons for IDF syllabus work will be conducted. 

11.  All students are obligated to participate yearly in the following events: IDF exams, Stage Quest Festival and the GDS Annual Show. (Compulsary for all students). 

12. No student will be allowed to skip an exam unless otherwise decided by an instructor or sufficient proof is given that such an exam has been completed in the past. Entry fees in respect of above, is payable and will be indicated on the website and in newsletters sent out. No late payments will be accepted and fees are payable directly to the appropriate parties. 

13. It is the parent’s responsibility to let the teacher know about any medical condition that a student might have. If a student uses a medical device, (insulin or asthma pumps) make sure to bring it to class. 

NO spectators ARE ALLOWED TO SIT IN AT ANY OF THE CLASSES. Please abide by this rule for it is only to the benefit of your own child! 
NO spectators ARE ALLOWED to sit in during exams!

If, for whatever reason, a student wants to discontinue lessons, 1 (ONE) month written notice needs to be given.  Email can be send to office@dancestudio.co.za

Please remember GDS class fees are payable in advance!

Uniform Regulations:
Hair and fringes has to be tied back neatly. 

Modern Dancing: 
A Black lycra tight fitting pants (available at Danceworx in Doringkloof Mall).
Black Studio JT top (Can be purchase from the office).

A Black lycra tight fitting pants (available at Danceworx in Doringkloof Mall).
Black Studio JT top or a black leotard.

A Black leotard. 
Pink ballet tights in winter and pink short ballet socks for summer 
Pink canvas ballet shoes (NO leather shoes are allowed or shoes bought from Mr Price)
(All the above available at Danceworx in the Doornkloof Mall)

Hip – Hop: 
Black sweat pants with Gauteng Dance Studios T-shirt (T-Shirts available on order at GDS @ R250). Black & White trainers with black socks - purchase from Pep Stores. 

A Black lycra tight fitting pants (available at Danceworx in Doringkloof Mall).
Black Studio JT top.

A Black lycra tight fitting pants (available at Danceworx in Doringkloof Mall).
Black Studio JT top.
Black Single tap shoes with black socks (Can be purchase either from Danceworx or The Ballet Barre). Make of tapshoes : Sansha full soles 


 Should a student turn-up without the appropriate clothing and neatly tied hair, they will not be allowed to attend class.   
  • During festivals,  students must wear the stipulated costumes, hair accessories, etc. More information regarding this will be sent out via email during the year.   (An non refundable deposit of R400.00 per costume is payable in terms to buy material for these costumes and are payable from end February each year).  The outstanding amount on costumes are for the parent’s bill.  
 All costumes for use at the Stage Quest Festival will be ordered by June for all students.  
Private Property
The owner reserves Right of admission. 

Damage to property by students, friends or family e.g. breaking windows, mirrors, plants etc, will be the responsibility of these parents to replace and repair. 

The studios are situated in residential areas and noise levels outside the studio buildings should be kept to a minimum.